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R&D Claims

At Advent RD Tax Solutions, our sole focus is R&D claims. We’re proven experts in the field with extensive knowledge of what is a highly specialist area of taxation

Who we work with

We work with companies of all sizes and from every sector to raise their awareness of this area of taxation and help them claim back the tax relief they are due for their R&D activity.

Complexity of R&D tax credits

The complexity of R&D tax credits, coupled with constantly changing legislation and case law, mean that most companies undertaking R&D work are not making claims.


Our exclusive focus on R&D tax benefits and unrivaled expertise in this sector mean we are currently in strategic relationships with many of the UK’s leading accountancy firms and financial advisers.

A simple guide to the stages within our process

A simple guide to our processes

  • 01

    Our contact form is below. Please complete and once received one of our specialists will call you to discuss your possible claim.

  • 02

    One of our consultants will visit you to conduct a “Financial Analysis” of your business activities.

  • 03

    A member of our audit team will follow up from our initial visit to complete a “Technical Project Analysis”.

  • 04

    A detailed report and project review is prepared in readiness for submission to HMRC.

  • 05

    We engage with HMRC to answer any questions which may arise.

  • 06

    HMRC accepts your claim and issues a payment. This is normally within approx. 60 days from point 02.

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